Why are my Ranunculus not Flowering? | 8 Possible Reasons and Recommendations

Ranunculus are grown for flowers only. However, there could be 8 possible reasons if your Ranunculus not flowering. All these aspects can be met by the management and you can easily turn your flower to flowering one. Here are the possible reasons.

8 Reasons Why Ranunculus not Flowering?

  1. The bulb or the corms you used was dead and it failed to show the flowering potential. These are bulbs, not the seeds. Storing them for long time may causes swelling on them make them unfit for sowing. If you missed this year for planting somehow, don’t consider these corms or bulb for planting next year.
  2. It grows well in soil with good drainage qualities. If the soil is clay or hard, it will cause water logging and thus the plant will not flower. Raised bed can help you control the soil related issues. Always try to use organic matter or soil mix.
  3. In case you failed to add fertilizer in balance amount, your Ranunculus will not flower. If the soil was light and you didn’t added fertilizer, you will lose blooming season charm. Try to invest more at the time of flowering.
  4. Foliage and leaves are the factory of the plant. If the foliage is not healthy or you have removed it earlier, the flowers will not grow on the Buttercups.
  5. Plants require frequent irrigation at the initial stages but in the later stages, they require only seldom irrigation. Keep the schedule well-maintained. After sowing, keep the soil moist for at least 4-5 days. This is necessary for optimum growth and gaining more than 80% germination percentage. Insert your finger in the soil, if you are feeling to irrigate it, do it immediately.
  6. The plants require 6-8 hours of direct sunlight for proper growth and flowering. If the plant is in shade or the weather is cloudy, the flowering will not be initiated. Like other variegated flowers, it required partial sunlight for the process of photosynthesis.
  7. Cutting and harvesting of the dying and mature flower is important. You can use these flowers for decoration at weddings and on birthdays. This will give room to the new flowers. If you are not plucking the flowers regularly, you may lose the blooms. The old, dead flowers are called “spent flowers” and the tips are called “dead headings”. Always keep checking for these.
  8. Do you know why this is called Buttercup? It makes a cup-shaped room for the insects and bugs. These insects limit the growth of the flowers. Do invest in antifungal chemicals at the time of flowering.
Why Ranunculus not Flowering

Following all these, you can manage the blooms if your Ranunculus not flowering. Healthy and well maintained plants will always flower thus try to keep the plant health. You management for 2-3 months will bring heavy blooms during the late spring and summer.

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