How Long Do Tulips Last? | 8 Tips to keep them Last Longer

If you have your bunch of tulips and have potted them, you can have their freshness for 5-7 days. How? The following content will help you to have them along your bed and sitting. They will add beauty and aesthetic values.

It is my personal experience that the tulips that I bought 3 years ago and planted in the soil, all those are tall. Now, they are tall, reproducing, and giving beautiful flowers. I have noticed that digging the bulblets from the parent plant and planting them will give a new plant every year.

Tulips have their origin in Turkey and the Netherlands, and now, can grow in the USDA hardiness zones 4 through 8. These are annual as well as perennial, all depending upon the types. They are grown from the bulb and can regenerate to give beautiful flowers those last longer for several years.

Common NameTulips
FamilyLiliaceae (Lily Family)
VarietiesDarwin Hybrid, Triumphs Tulips, Fosteriana Tulips
Plant TypePerennials, Herbs
Planting TimeFall (November)
Blooming TimeSpring, Early Summer (March, April, May)
Bloom Color5 Striking colors; White, yellow, Pink, Purple, Red

How Long Do Tulips Last?

These have a range of colours and look quite a spectacle at the blooming time. They entered Central Asia as wildflowers in 1000 AD and later in Europe. It has more than 100 species recorded till now.

Moreover, the expected age of the tulips is 5-7 years. It is better to dig up the bulbs and plant them anywhere to avoid overcrowding. This will help in maintaining the plant vigour and healthy blooms. The plant will be tall and highly reproductive with colourful blooms.

Tulips are annual or Perennials?

Tulip flowers are annuals, however, if they are not dug up, the bulbs in the soil will regenerate in the next years and the process may go beyond 5-7 years. They are naturally perennials. They are grown in autumn and start flowering in early spring. They continue to flower till the next November.

To get healthy, vigorous, tall, and highly productive tulips, always treat them like annuals. Plant a fresh and new variety of flowers with the vegetative reproductive part Bulblets. Thus, fresh and new tulip flowers will be there to welcome your guests on the home lawn.

How Long Do Tulips Bloom?

The blooming of the tulips depends upon the season, weather, climate, and the geographical factors. In the cooler regions, they bloom in April and May, when the temperature is moderate. However, in warmer regions, they bloom earlier in March (early spring).

Tulips bloom during different times of the year in the spring season. Based on their blooming time, there are 3 different types;

  1. Early spring blooming – Some varieties like Fosteriana and Kaufmanniana bloom in early spring during March
  2. Mid-spring blooming – Hybrid tulip varieties like Triumph Tulips bloom in April. Their colours are quite impressive.
  3. Late spring blooming – Varieties like Parrot Tulips grow in May during the late spring.

You have bought the bunch of tulips for the following 3 reasons;

  1. Deep Love Sign – As the tulips come in a variety of colours, they are the perfect present for the expression of love and affection for someone.
  2. Speedy Regrowth – if you have tulip bulbs in the soil from the previous year’s flowers, they will not let you down and regrow to fascinate you in the coming spring. Their rebirth brings charm and attraction.
  3. New Season Charity – They represent a new beginning and many charities and organizations use these to symbolize the beginning of the new season.

What do different colours of Tulips Symbolize?

Tulips come in an array of colours like Ranuculus Flowers. Each colour has its specific meaning and intentions.

  1. Red – This colour symbolizes deep love and long-lasting relationships. These are the best alternative to the red roses and can serve to symbolize your love and affection for someone. They are the perfect gift for special days like “Valentine’s Day”.
  2. Purple – They are the symbol of elegance, royalty, and rarity. This is for the people with high regard and respect in your eyes.
  3. Pink – They symbolize care, affection, sincerity, and compassion. They are associated with love and romance. They are the perfect gift for Friendship Day, Mother’s Day, etc.
  4. White – If you have deep respect, honour, and pure love for someone, select this colour as a present for the vase or pot. They can be the selection of various religious events.
  5. Yellow – This colour of tulips represents happiness, hope, and joy. Yellow tulips for the patients and the person recovering from any problems would be a perfect gift.
Types of Tulips

How to Keep Tulips last Longer?

How to Keep Tulips Fresh in the Vase for Long?

To keep them fresh for 5-7 days, you need to do the following needful actions listed in the methodology;

  1. Pick the Right Flower – Select the tulip flower whose petals are not yet opened and is in bud form. Moreover, select the colour as per your needs. Select the whole bunch keeping in mind the colour, maturity, and freshness.
  2. Fresh Cut – Before adding the flower to the vase, give a half-inch cut to the stem of the flower. This fresh cut will help to absorb more water. Note – the cut must be diagonal as it will give more surface area ratio for water absorption. Cut the petals of the flower before adding to the vase.
  3. Vase – To keep the flower fresh for a longer time, the right selection of the vase matters. Always select the right vase, with sufficient height and space to add water and keep the tulips stand.
  4. Water – Add cool and fresh water to the vase. Tyr to change the water every day to keep the flower hydrated and fresh. Maintain the level of water up to the half-length of the stem.
  5. Add Lemon Juice – People keep adding different liquids as nutrients in the water for the long freshness of the tulips. Mostly people add lemon juice to the water in the vase.
  6. Keep only Tulips in the Vase – for long-lasting purity and freshness, always keep the tulips only in the vase. Never mix them with other flowers.
  7. Temperature – Keep the vase at a cool temperature. You can keep them in well-ventilated and airy rooms near window or in Greenhouse. However, to avid damage by the heat, keep them away from fireplace. Temperature more than 75 degrees Fahrenheit is dangerous.
  8. Light – Avoid placing the vase in bright light. This will save them from dehydrating and losing their freshness. Keep changing the position of vase with the clock and the Circadian rhythm.
How Long Do Tulips Last?


Tulips remain in the soil in the form of bulbs. These bulbs may last in the soil for up to 7 years.

They can’t last without water for more than 2 days. They need hydration and fresh cool water every day. Keep changing water to keep them fresh.

Cut flowers last in a vase for 5 to 7 days. However, to keep them fresh, they need some special care. Read about the cares in the above section.

Bulbs remain viable and live in the soil for 7 years. They can regrow and regenerate every year easily from the soil.

They are herbs. They can grow 9 to 12 inches tall.

These herbs are a good source of food for the herbivores. Use chemicals, predator hair, or urine to keep these herbivores away from the tulips.

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