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What is Planter’s Mix Soil?

Planter mix soil is a medium for growing vegetables, annuals, perennials and all your lawn partners with balanced nutrients. This amendment in the soil and beds will bore fruits for you tomorrow. This mixture is formulated with all the necessary elements (micro, macro, and secondary nutrients).

You might have experienced that your tomato plant has deep green foliage and a good cover. All of it makes you happy the whole season and you are expecting a good yield. However, the plant produces a few small in size fruits. All this is due to imbalanced nutrients in the soil. The solution to this problem is “Planter’s Mix Soil”. If vertical gardening is not working for you and you are struggling, Potting Soil Mix will serve you better.

Planter Mix Soil

How Planter Mix is made?

Are you wondering to know about what are the constituents of Planters Mix? Here is the answer to your query.

Following is the list of ingredients of Planter Mix Soil;

  • Soil
  • Dairy Compost
  • NPK
  • Hardwood Humus
  • Organic Matter
  • Trace Minerals

To make a perfect Soil Planter mix;

  1. Take topsoil. The topsoil is rich in organic matter and is thus porous. It will serve the purpose well
  2. Mix the soil with the perfect ratio of sand, silt, and clay (soil particles). The ratio should be 50:25:25 respectively. This will create a porous soil.
  3. Blend this soil with dairy compost and hardwood humus.
  4. Add organic matter, NPK, and trace minerals and mix it well.
  5. This will create a perfect Planter mix soil for your landscape.

You can make it at home, or get the potting mix commercially.

What are the Benefits of Planter Mix?

Your valuable plants, flowers, shrubs, herbs, and grasses will not grow well in hard soils. They all need porous and nutrient-rich soil for a good stand. Use this in your raised bed and pots. You can also blend this mixture and it will serve you for years. It has the following benefits;

  1. It keeps the soil porous for years
  2. It has a perfect ratio of soil particles (sand, silt, and clay)
  3. Its porosity makes it good for holding water and nutrients.
  4. It has a higher drainage capacity
  5. It is high in organic matter content
  6. It is free from weed seeds and you will love these features
  7. Porosity, perfect combination, and organic matter make it easy to work with it using different tools (e.g. shovel).
Planter Mix Soil - Easy for Shovel

How to use Planter’s Mix?

Planters mix is equally useful for planting in raised beds and pots. Always mix it well with the topsoil or in pots. As the mixture is available in the dried form, it is recommended to soak the plants well before transplanting into the mix. This will balance the transpiration shock.

Planters Mix for Plant type

This mixture is perfect for plant’s blossoming as it has nitrogen and organic matter content. The mixture is best for;

Vegetables – Beans, Tomatoes, Peppers, Carrot, Turnips, Potatoes
Flowers – Petunia, Vincas, Marigold, Geraniums, Garden Roses

You can use a planter’s mix for raised beds and pots. However, it is recommended not to use the mixture for smaller pots (less than 10 Gallons). It is good for all depths. However, 12 inches of Planter’s layer will be good for a better stand. So, use it at this depth for the planter bed and for the pots as well.

The mix is shipped and supplied to the gardeners and farmers in dry form. It is better to soak it to a saturation point after application in bed and pots. It will help in setting the mixture to the limit.


Planter mix soil is a nutrient-rich medium perfect for growing an array of plants, from vegetables to ornamentals. Formulated with a balance of micro, macro, and secondary nutrients, it addresses issues faced when plants, like tomatoes, don’t bear enough fruits due to nutrient imbalance. Created using topsoil, dairy compost, NPK, hardwood humus, organic matter, and trace minerals, the mix is designed with an optimal ratio of sand, silt, and clay. Its porous nature ensures effective water retention and enhanced drainage, while its high organic matter content aids plant health. It’s weed seed-free, making it gardeners’ favourite. Suitable for both raised beds and pots, it’s recommended to soak the mix before transplanting plants to mitigate transpiration shock. Top of Form


A perfect mix of 40% topsoil, 40% organic matter and 20% soil (sand, silt, and clay) gives a better medium for raised bed plantation.

A mix containing organic matter, potting soil, and sand in 1:1:1 is the perfect mix for vegetables. It will provide good drainage and water-holding capacity.

For mixing, take an equal amount of organic matter, potted soil, and garden soil. Mix them well and use them as a raised bed. Make a hole the size of the plant’s rotting material and bury the plant. Filling should be done with care.

A good potting mix should have adequate nutrients, organic matter content, and better water-holding capacity and be free from weed seed. All these properties are available in the planter mix.

A mix of soil containing organic matter (humus), garden soil, and coarse soil will serve the vegetables perfectly with balanced nutrients and water.

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