How do Standard Rose vs Garden Rose Differ – 13 Key Differences

Rose, the most popular flower, a sign of love and care has about 150 species. However, Jackson and Perkin reported 300 varieties of roses. The breeders and gardeners have developed many hybrid species of this fragrant friend including Standard Rose and Garden Rose. Standard Rose vs Garden Rose differ a lot.

Now, there are hundreds are varieties and it sometimes seems difficult to differentiate between Standard Rose vs Garden Rose. There are some key differences between Standard and Garden Rose.

They are an integral part of the cut flower industry. In the cut-flower industry, standard roses and garden roses are used.

Standard rose vs Garden rose: A comparison Table

There are several differences. The following table will help to know the basic differences between standard roses and garden roses.

Standard Rose
Standard Rose - Standard Rose vs garden Rose

Standard/Florist Rose

  • They are sometimes called as Florist Roses
  • Shape: petals are pointed and centred around a single centre
  • Branching: They produce fewer branches
  • Size: Bloom of the Standard Rose is a bit small
  • Thorns: Standard/Florist roses are less thorny
  • Vase Life: Higher, usually 4-5 days
  • Sunlight Requirements: These are meant to be kept indoors and have a long vase life. Thus they require less light
  • Care and Maintenance: They are kept indoors, thus require intensive care
  • Space: They are grown inside the greenhouses
  • Water Requirements: They are in the pots, thus require frequent water. They have less soil just in the pots and water evaporates rapidly.
  • Fertilization: Standard roses require frequent fertilization at lower dose
  • Diseases Susceptibility: As they are grown in controlled conditions, these are more susceptible to diseases
  • Fragrance: They are specifically grown for aesthetic values, thus they are highly fragrant.
Garden Rose
Garden Rose - Standard Rose vs garden Rose

Garden/Outdoor Rose

  • They are called outdoor roses.
  • Shape: Petals are ruff and form round blooms around different centres
  • Branches: They are highly branched
  • Size: the size of the garden Flower is comparatively larger
  • Thorns: Garden roses are comparatively more thorny
  • Vase Life: Very Short
  • Sunlight Requirement: Higher. They require direct sunlight
  • Care and Maintenance: They thrive outside in direct sunlight and field conditions. These require less care.
  • Space: They are grown in the field
  • Water Requirements: Garden roses are in the field and require 2-3 times water in a week. They have good soil for water storage.
  • Fertilization: Garden roses require heavy but less frequent fertilization
  • Diseases Susceptibility: Garden roses are meant to thrive in open fields, they are strong and can survive in disease. They are a bit stronger and more resistant.
  • Fragrance: Garden roses are meant for medicines mostly and do not produce much fragrance.

Using the right rose for your garden can be a hard decision. However, we have tried to help you in making such a decision. Always consider these differences while comparing standard roses vs garden roses.


For garden roses, always use plastic pots as unglazed pots lose moisture more rapidly.


Garden roses and standard roses differ a lot. All these differences are due to their different habitat and the care they need. Their water, fertilization, irrigation, and care requirements are different from each other’s. Among Standard roses vs garden roses, always choose the one you can care for in a better way.


Standard roses require less light, and high frequent water and fertilization but higher care. However, Garden roses require less care, water, and fertilization.

The best month to plant roses is after the ice melts. It is around mid-March to mid-April.

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