World Environment Day Presentation – PPT 2024

World Environment Day – 2024

This year – 2024, World Environment day was celebrated with the theme “Solution to Plastic Pollution” and “Beat Plastic Pollution”. The celebrations first started in 1973, when United Nations announces to observe it. We can not deny the importance and scope of Environment.

We are living in a “world of plastic” or “Plastic Planet”. We all are surrounded by the plastic pollution. almost 400 million tones of plastic is produced every year. No more than half of the of the plastic is recycled. this statement is shocking, indicating that more than 200 million tones of plastic is added to our environment each year.

Environment day is celebrated around the globe to encourage awareness to protect environment. Our planet is drowning in pollution with every passing day.

Plastic Pollutants

We can observe plastic pollutants in the following forms;

  • House Hold – Toys, Furniture, Door, Water bottle, Utensils, Plastic bag
  • Medicals –   Syringes, Wrappers, Gloves
  • Automobiles – Pipes, Tyres, Body parts
  • Agriculture –   Greenhouse sheets, packing bags, soray bottles, Fertilizers
  • Electric Gadgets – Wire, Plugs, Sockets, Fan blades

All these comes from different plastic pollutants.

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)Bottles – soft drinks, water, juice
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)Bottles – Milk, Shampoo
Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)Frozen Food Packing, Disposable Cups
Polystyrene (PS)Cup, Plates, Bowl, Containers, Trays

Micro-plastics – The Invisible Threat

Microplastics (MP) are abundantly present in nature and have attention of the scientists and ecologists from all over the world due to their wide concerns.

“Plastic Particles with diameter less than 5 mm”

Sources of Microplastics

  • Plastic sheets
  • Plastic coated fertilizers
  • Domestic sewage and sludge – washings
  • Wearing and tearing of Tyres, Shoes

These plastics are added into the water – Water Pollution

Up to 23 million tones of Plastic/ year is being added into the ocean. This much quantity is more than the combine weight of all blue whales on the earth

Solutions to Plastic Pollution – The Theme of World Environment Day

Here are some of the solutions;

Ban or BAN

Yes, we can ban the use of Plastic Bags, disposable, Plastic made utensils, and all other households. But, as we are surrounded by the plastic, living in the world of Plastic, we can’t do all this.

We are left with another solution, “BAN” which is “Better Alternative Now”

This alternative option can save us from Plastic Pollution by reducing dumping of plastic into the environment by 67%.

World Environment Day- Logo

BAN – Better Alternative Now

For this, “BAN”, we do to focus on following actions;

  • Boycott single-use plastic (disposable cutlery/boxes)
  • Join reusable revolution – use refillable bottles
  • Shop plastic-free
  • Purchase second hand items instead of buying new
  • Chose products made from recycled material
  • Consider sharing or hiring
  • Use Recycle-bin
World Environment Day- Plastic Pollution

We need to adopt all these actions at individual level to play our role.

Act NOW for better TOMORROW

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